Taiji Association in Trondheim aims to promote well-being and healthy life style through training and performing Taiji and spreading of Chinese Taiji culture and Taiji philosophy in Trondheim.

Membership is open to all persons who are interested in Taiji. The annual meeting decides the annual membership fee (except for the first one which was decided by the self established Board). The membership fee is to be paid in the school term each autumn. Membership fee will not be refunded by termination of the membership. A registered member loses his/her membership automatically when no fee payment is received by the end of the year (end of December). The annual fee is voluntary for the short term visiting international guests who wish to participate in Taiji activities.

Annual meeting is the highest governing body of the association. The meeting is held once a year, in the middle of autumn before 2011 and in the beginning of each year since 2011. The meeting deals with election of the Board, summarizing activities and economy for the past year and planning for the activities and budgets for the coming year. A call for the meeting will be sent out to all members in written form (per email) by the Board two weeks before the meeting. Suggestions from the members for matters to be dealt with at the meeting are encouraged to be sent to the Board members before the meeting. All members have the right of participating, voting and suggesting of activities at the annual meeting. To be elected as a Board member one has to have been an active member for at least six months. Annual meeting is held by a meeting leader appointed at the meeting. All decisions at the annual meeting, except for § 5 – 7, are made by ordinary majority. In case of a voting tie, the vote of the leader of the meeting is decisive. The election of the Board occurs at the annual meeting (except for the first self established Board).

The Board consists of a chairman, two board members and one deputy board member. The board is elected annually at the annual meeting (except the first self elected Board). The whole Board will not last for more than three periods. Board meeting is held when the chairman or a board member wishes for a meeting. The board has a quorum when at least the chairman or his/her deputy, one board member and/or a deputy board member are present. In case of a voting tie, the vote of the chairman is decisive. The deputy board member can attend the board meetings but vote only when a board member is absent.

Termination of the membership in the association should take place in written form by the member who wishes for termination of his/her membership. The membership also terminates automatically for those who did not participate in the Taiji activities for a long and continuous period (over six months) without giving reasons. Members who cause damage to the association can be excluded from the association. The formal exclusion will be effective at the annual meeting only with over 2/3 majority votes.

Amendments of regulations can only be made at an annual meeting or extraordinary member meeting with 2/3 majority votes.

Decision to dissolve the association can only be made at an annual meeting or extraordinary member meeting with 2/3 majority votes. Together with the dissolution decision, the meeting should also decide how to handle the association’s assets.