Taiji Association in Trondheim (in Norwegian, Taiji Forening i Trondheim, TFT in short) is a non-profit organization. The association was established 25th November, 2007. However the organized Taiji martial art practices had already begun in 2005 by a group of Taiji enthusiasts at NTNU in Trondheim. The association engages in practicing various Taiji martial arts.

The goals are to introduce Taiji martial arts and Chinese culture and to gain fitness and health. It creates a community for the Taiji enthusiasts to learn and to practice the martial art, to exchange and to share their exercise experiences. The association promotes social contacts within the group and with other associations as well as with the society.

We practice different Taiji forms regularly once per week, on Sunday. For detailed training plan, see Activity page.

Anyone who is interested in practicing Taiji and intend to practice Taiji continuously can become a member of Taiji Association. It costs 200 NOK per year, you can test practice two times free of charge before making decision to join or not.

Each year in the beginning of Spring and Autumn, we used to hold Taiji course for new beginners. Check Courses for the course plan. If there isn't any planned course you are interested in, send us e-mail taijitrondheim@gmail.com. We will put you in the interest list and then you will receive information when the new course is planned.

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