Wushu Summer Camp was organized by Confucius Institute in Bergen and Bergen Wushu Club from 5th to 9th August 2017. Wushu Summer Camp 2017 was 10th Summer Camp held by Bergen Wushu Club and hosted nine teachers and masters from Guangzhou and Beijing Sport University. This event offered plenty of Chinese martial arts and disciplines: Taolu, Taijiquan, Sanshou, Qigong and additional courses including Chinese medicine (i.e. acupuncture). TFT members are specialized in Yang style Taiji forms, Qigong and occasionally also Chen style Taiji.

Student of Beijing Sport University Xi Chen provided detailed instruction of Yang style 24-form Taiji, especially on Part the Wild Horse's Mane form (Zuoyou Yema Fenzong). Instructional videos with 24-form Taiji and Part the Wild Horse's Mane form practiced by Xi Chen are available in the Facebook group of Taiji Association in Trondheim.

Participants of Wushu Summer Camp were choosing their own specialization in either Taiji Quan (Yang or Chen) or Taolu (Changquan or Shaolinquan). The Summer Camp day was always started with warm up and Wushu basics (Jibengong). Morning trainings in groups were focused on different Wushu specializations. Chen style Taiji was instructed by Wu Dong, Professor from Beijing Sport University. Summer Camp participants practiced Qigong during afternoon trainings and additional exercises (Wushu competition, lecture, performance by participants and coaches, etc.). Participants of Wushu Summer Camp enjoyed many social gatherings and common dinner in restaurant. Members of the TFT club started long-lasting friendships with students of Beijing Sport University and Bergen Wushu Club.

TFT members presented Taiji forms on Chinese Culture Day in 2017. Traditional performance involved besides Yang style 24-form also forms with Chinese one-handed sword and fan. TFT exhibition was followed by two students of Beijing Sport University: Xi Chen (with Chen style Taiji) and Li Shaiyue (with Kung Fu). Students of Beijing Sport University were willing to arrange an evening training for TFT members. Training was focused on Chen style Taiji forms.

TFT participated in Kinesisk Kulturdag 2015 and performed Taiji Quan, Taiji Sword and Kung Fu Fan forms. Exhibition is traditionally organized by Trondheim Folkebibliotek to celebrate the Chinese New Year, in this case the year of wood sheep. Program of the Chinese Culture Day included also introduction of calligraphy and Chinese chess.

Following success from 2013, Sør-Trøndelag region arranges again Chinese Culture Day in 24/Jan/14 to mark Chinese New Year for the coming Year of Horse. TFT is honored to perform Taiji Quan, Kung Fu and Mulan Fan. Through the performance, audience will have live experience on one part of Chinese culture.

To mark year end 2013 and take farewell to one TFT member who will leave for China after New Year, TFT members gathered together and had a cozy evening. Besides training session, we sat together discussing our achievements in 2013 and the activity plan for 2014. We also enjoyed traditional Chinese music played by one member with a flute.

TFT had great annual meeting and celebration in the evening of 27/Jan/13, thanks for the efforts to everybody!

24 participants (18 adults and 6 children) gathered together at Realfag entrance hall, enriched knowledge on Taiji history via quiz answering, enjoyed the action with static balance competition, experienced the exciting moment while waiting for the competition result. Last but not least the dynamic competition brought us into full action and whole entrance hall was full of laughter.

By the meeting TFT 2012 board reported the activities last year, economy balance and budget plan for 2013.

We thank the TFT board for the great effort and engagement in 2012 and all members and their families for their contributions and support. We shall continue our Taiji learning, practice and make further progress.

Our senior TFT board member, Xianchun Tan, has done significant contribution and volunteered great deal of her free time for TFT. She deserves a break as TFT board member. Thanks for her contribution and efforts during previous years! Luckily she is still available for consultancy and support. Look forward for her to join the TFT board again after the well deserved (hopefully short) break!

TFT board members had its annual committee meeting. The topics taken were:

TFT members and friends gathered together to mark TFT fifth anniversary. We recapitulated all events and trainings of past five years and discussed how to go further in the future.

Besides casual discussion and chat, experienced TFT members performed 24-form Taiji and Kung Fu Fan.

TFT (Taiji Forening i Trondheim) took intensive Qigong course from the end of August to mid- September. Visiting master Wu Buyun was invited to our association and instructed four Qigong forms: Yi-jin-jing, Wu-qin-xi, Liu-zi-jie and Ba-duan-jin. These forms stemmed from over a thousand years back and have been adapted for modern practices and become the most popular and promoted Qigong in China. Master Wu has over 30-year’s experience in practicing and coaching in China and is a good example of keeping healthy lifestyle through persisting practices for 30 years. He inspired us throughout the coaching by his proficiency in Qigong and Taiji movements and engagement in helping other people. Over fifteen TFT members took actively part in the intensive learning.

In the last Qigong coaching on 12th September before his trip back to China, TFT took a farewell gathering and expressed its sincere thanks to master Wu for his great coaching effort. We did formal performance of Qigong and Taiji and sit down together, chatting and exchanging experiences and getting to know each other better.

Learning Qigong in large group at TFT marked a milestone for TFT in widening its Taiji training to combined Qigong and Taiji. Training up Qigong skills brings enhanced results to Taiji exercises. These two movements complement each other and provide us more variation and flexibility in daily health promotion activities. Many of us felt its great benefit.